Norman Seldin, Charlie Horner, Pamela Horner

On Thursday evening, November 4, 2021, the Asbury Park Museum sponsored a multimedia presentation, book signing and book launch party for the Stormin’ Norman Seldin autobiography, “You Don’t Know Me” by Norman Seldin as told to Charlie Horner. Charlie is vice president of our Asbury Park Museum. The event was held at the Asbury Park Library and saw a great crowd including celebrities, Larry Chance of the Earls, R&R Hall of Fame musician Vini Lopez, legendary soul and pop music producer and songwriter Billy Terrell, percussionist Richard Blackwell, vocalist and musician Pam McCoy and others. A videographer was there getting footage for an upcoming TV documentary piece on Norman. Asbury Park Museum. President Kay Harris gave previews of upcoming exhibits and events from our AP Museum. Dr. Horner then gave a multimedia presentation with stories from the book and the audience got to hear Stormin’ Norman speak and take questions. Norman & Charlie autographed books which many audience members also had signed by the other celebrities there. The book signings were coordinated by APM Board member Pamela Horner. To honor Norman Seldin’s fondness for New Orleans R&B, the Asbury Park Museum’s Outreach Coordinator, Susan Rosenberg prepared an amazing refreshment table with pralines, chocolate guitars and other snacks from River Street Sweets on Cookman Avenue. Photos here were taken by Kay Harris, Rick Verso, Cindy Zwicker and Pamela Horner. For those who couldn’t attend, Norman’s book is available on Amazon. Visit .

Billy Terrell, Larry Chance, Pam McCoy, Norman Seldin, Charlie Horner, Pamela Horner, Vini Lopez