Dear Friends of Asbury Park,

For almost 150 years, Asbury Park has been one of the country’s premier seashore resorts. Known for its beaches, amusements and entertainment scene, Asbury Park has an extensive unique history of diverse arts and cultures. Nowhere is this more evident than in its music history.  Yet Asbury Park is one of the few cities of its size and importance that does not have a city museum. We are reaching out to you for a donation, large or small, to help fund the establishment of an Asbury Park Museum. Without a repository for historic artifacts, with every passing day history is being lost!

Knowing an Asbury Park Museum is long overdue, a small group of volunteers came together to make one a reality.  After a successful temporary installation, we are now looking for a permanent home.  We have a location in mind but starting up a museum takes money. With the current pandemic we have been unable to conduct fundraising events. 

Here are just a few of the many operating components.

  • Museum display and exhibit furnishings
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Mobile technology
  • Additional historic artifacts
  • Programing Expenses

Please consider a donation of any size. We realize there are many worthwhile causes to which you might donate. We believe in Asbury Park and want its history preserved for future generations. We thank you for any help you can give us.