The Asbury Park Museum

The Asbury Park Museum is in the process of acquiring a permanent home in downtown Asbury Park. Meanwhile, we are introducing a series of rotating pop-up exhibitions in the lobby of the historic Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, 1401 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey. Our current exhibit, opening June 1. 2024, is “Edge of the Waters: From the Lenape “Scheyichbi” to Bradley’s Founding of Asbury Park.  This exhibit explores the history of Asbury Park 200 years before the founding of our resort city in 1871.  Key themes include (1) The Shore’s Original Caretakers, (2) The Europeans Arrive (3) Shifting Populations & Land Ownership (4) The First Asbury Area Families and (5) The Founding of Asbury Park.  You may visit that exhibit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Admission is free. We are continuing to acquire, for display, artifacts and memorabilia relating to Asbury Park’s fascinating history.

Please consider becoming a Charter Member or making a donation to the Asbury Park Museum. You can do either from the “Get Involved Page.” You can help preserve Asbury Park’s historical legacy. The Asbury Park Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Asbury Park Museum is to re-introduce, educate and advance an understanding, and appreciation of the history of the diverse, progressive, resort and urban community of Greater Asbury Park, New Jersey. The Museum strives to strengthen the bonds of the community and provide a venue for community wide civic engagement, as well as pride and inclusion.


While Asbury Park has been the subject of numerous books, documentary films, articles and essays, the popular seaside resort has never before had a permanent museum dedicated to its history. In 2018, a diverse team of concerned historians, journalists, educators, and community activists came together to form The Asbury Park Museum. Through private donations, the Asbury Park Museum first introduced itself to the public with a temporary exhibition, History of Asbury Park, located in the Fifth Avenue Pavilion on the city’s famed boardwalk over the winter of 2018.

Photo (left) by Milton Edelman

Rotating Exhibition Campaign
In the summer of 2021, the Asbury Park Museum began a relationship with the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, to showcase a series of exhibitions with changing themes.  The current exhibit continues that series.

2024 – Edge of the Waters: From the Lenape “Scheyichbi” to Bradley’s Founding of Asbury Park.  The history of Asbury Park 200 years before the founding of our resort city in 1871.

2023 – Be Our Guest: The Golden Era of Asbury Park’s Grand Hotels  Tracing the evolution of the city’s hotel industry, the factors which impacted its growth and decline and the workers who helped to sustain the industry.

2022 – One Voice is Not Enough, Asbury Park’s Musical Diversity Since 1871  Exploring how the “Sound of Asbury Park” was over a hundred years in the making, bringing to life the musical  genres of greater Asbury Park from the 1870s to the 1970s.

2022 – Trail Blazing Women of Monmouth County  Celebrating the area’s most influential women, the Asbury Park Museum’s exhibit at the Asbury Park Public Library during Women’s History Month .

2021 – Asbury Park: 150 Years of Change and Transformation, A Segregated Seashore   A multi-media tour through 150 years of history on the Asbury Park beachfront… viewed through the lens of a diverse but historically divided community.

Board of Directors

Kay Harris – President
Charlie Horner – Vice President
Lorraine Stone – Secretary
Ginny Otley – Treasurer
Pamela Horner – Membership Chair

Michelle Gladden
Eileen Chapman
Susan Rosenberg
Dina Todd


Owen Flannagan
Claire Garland
Rick Geffken
Tyrone Laws
Christine Lutz
Robert Stewart
Don Stine
Robert Santelli
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